A parent recently asked how Simply Music compares to Suzuki or to other methods. Sometimes, people ask me about a particular method that I don't know much about so I will try to keep my answer simple.   Simply Music is unique because it is multi-sensory in it's approach. We draw on people's existing skills--aural, visual and auditory. In this way we are able to address the various learning styles. 


The only other specifics I will get into when people ask about Suzuki (the most commonly asked about method in my experience) is that Suzuki teachers do not have a specific time at which they teach students to read (it is up to the individual teacher). Also, one of the primary goals of the Suzuki method is performance. We do have a specific time that we teach reading (after students know 30-50 pieces--usually in their second year of lessons) and our focus is not on performance, it is on building and expressing musicality.

Musically Yours,

Senya Borrelli

Certified Simply Music Teacher