Summer Programs 2018

Programs Include:


  • Piano
  1. Piano Preschool
  2. Kids Piano Camp
  3. Beginners Piano Workshop
  4. Introduction to Accompaniment


  • Voice 
  1. Kids Vocal Arts Camp
  2. Beginners Vocal Workshop
  3. Intermediate Vocal Workshop
  4. Vocal Audition & Preparation Workshop






Are you a previous Simply Music Student, and had to discontinue lessons for one reason or another?

Or... Maybe life got in the way of your practice/playtime and you would like to review strategies, and improve your skills?


Join a COURSE REVIEW!  And.... Start Playing Again!


  • Review Strategies Level 1
  • Review Strategies Level 2
  • Review Strategies Level 3
  • Accompaniment
  • Reading Rhythm
  • Reading Notes
  • Composition & Improvisation
  • Jazz Review
  • Blues Review