Recitals & Performance


Classroom vs. Performance Experience


Classroom Experience:


The Classroom is where Education and Instruction occur with Questions and Answers.  Piano Instruction Includes: Playing Piano, Integrated Theory, Steady Beat, Applied Rhythms; Accompaniment, Arrangement, Improvisation, Composition, Reading Rhythm, and Reading Notes.  Vocal Instruction Includes:  Vocal Strength, Range, Breathing, Phrasing, Diction, Articulation, Communication and Delivery Technique. 


The “Actual Learning and Processing” occurs at home during practice/play time. 


The Class time is “teaching time” with participatory and observatory training/coaching.  Opportunities are provided to absorb new information with diversity before the student is asked to duplicate or self-generate; allowing for light bulb moments, comprehension and understanding.  Class time thrives with energy and fun!  It is engaging and provides encouragement, accountability, and incentive; promoting progress and creativity.   This time is favorably broadened by participants input and breakthrough moments.    



The only person you are destined to become…

Is the person you decide to be.   

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)   




Performance Party Experience:


An Inspirational & Motivational Informal Studio Party!  PLAN TO:  Play Piano, Sing or Both!  Invite family and friends!  It’s a PARTY!!!  We like having fun with our music here at Piano-n-Voice!


This is a fun time to share your musicality, Guitar is welcome too! 


Plan your Toast’s!  Awards, Recognition, Games and Prizes will take place, at this time, for those who have passed Foundational Levels, Achieved Personal Goals, and students who Share Compositions! 


These events are scheduled throughout the year, and are reserved for currently enrolled students of Piano-n-Voice, we encourage you to bring your family and friends for the fun!


It's an All Inclusive Studio Event - RVSP will be Required. 



A goal is a dream with a deadline.

(Napoleon Hill) 





Recital & Performance Tour:


We will perform in our local area; play piano and sing and have a great time sharing our musical gifts, bringing joy and fun to others.  Planning to share your hard work encourages goal setting and allows for the realization of the lifelong joy of music!  Fun, Fun, Fun! 


It’s so fun and rewarding to share your musicality!!!  


In Lieu of Performing, other jobs will be available, including: Master of Ceremonies, Rodie’s for Set Up/Tear Down, Sound Technicians, Program Coordinator, Welcoming Crew, etc.  All Inclusive Studio Event - RSVP will be Required. 



A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot.

(Joe Vitale)