Programs 2017/2018: 


  • Piano Preschool & Kinder
Preschool-Kindergarten Piano Lessons (4-7 Year Olds)
Learn to Play Piano
Attain Key Theoretical Musical Concepts
Boost Motor Skill Development
Stimulate Artistic Creativity
Acquire Musical Chords
Practice Steady Beat & Rhythm
Inspire a Lifelong Love of Music!

New:  "Sing-n-Play with Senya" @ Diamond Hills Sports Club!

Piano (6 Years - Adult)
Piano Lessons (Beginner - Advanced) 
Learn to Play - Contemporary, Classical,
Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Pop
Accompaniment, Arrangement
Songwriting, Composition, & Improvisation
It's Never to Late to Learn to Play Piano!

Voice (4 Years - Adult) 
Singing Lessons (Beginner - Advanced)
Vocal Coaching - Including On Location Services
Song and Speech Delivery
Audition and Performance Preparation
Radio and Media Voice Over Technique
Sing with Confidence!


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