Instruments and Resources

Piano Tuner - Gregory Adam Lynch
Piano Master: 925-325-5101

Piano Mover - Jose Arreola
FancySoundPiano: 925-209-0405

Geddes Music Store in Brentwood
Geddes Music is located at in downtown Brentwood next to La Costa restaurant.

Gills Music in Antioch

Gills Music is located on Lonetree Way in Antioch next to Office Depot on the border of Brentwood.

Guitar Center in Concord
Guitar Center is located in Concord, on Willow Pass Road, across from Lazy Dog restaurant.

East County Performing Arts Center
If you are interested in dance for your child, check this out!
Currently offering recreational and competition dance.
East County Performing Arts is located near downtown Brentwood.

Glee Club & Show Choir Opportunities
Does your child love Glee Club and Choir?
You will love this program!

Childrens Theater
El Campanil Childrens Theatre (ECCT) is a function of El Campanil Theatre
which provides theater training, acting opportunities and stage experiences for the youth.

Brentwood Teen Theater
This teen theater, was designed as a training program for teen actors.
If your teen loves theater you will want to know more about this amazing program!

Ghostlight Theater Ensemble
Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble is led by a seasoned team of educators with
extensive theatrical training and experience. You will want to check this out!

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